Hobbled Rabbits

Thursday, October 20, 2005

I suck my coffee’s whipped cream and wait for the sugar and yummy caffeine to strike.

I haven’t written lately, instead concentrating on the workings of Doolies’s new wedding website. I was going at a pretty good clip for a while, but now I find myself grinding down, a bit unhappy with the code (geek aside: I started with inline style information in the DHTML, thinking it would speed up the process—which it did—but I now find myself with a load of work needed to separate out the style information into the CSS file; lesson learned), with one large coding project and one photo-story left to complete. My goal is to get it out the door in time for the Marathon, which starts on November 1.

Otherwise, life is good. Doolies and I had a wonderful month together. It goes without saying that it was too short, but we’re around eight months from forever territory, and we’ll find a way to suck up the last bits, especially with our holiday vacations, and Doolies’s remaining away elective in April.

Work is good as well. Today, I joined a vanpool that leaves a few blocks from my house and drops me off at work. So far so good. If this works out then there would be one less reason to move from the Castle. I’m holding my breath. I still like the job and since I broke the one-year mark, I’ve become more comfortable with the company and the people.

My planning for November has gotten underway, and by that I mean I spent approximately three minutes thinking about it. I’m trying to decide between two different bad ideas that I’ve floated here and there (mostly as notes-to-self during other writings). It’s definitely going to be sci-fi related, and the only question is how outrageous I’m going to make it. I’m thinking very, in case you’re wondering. I’m hoping the vanpool gives me time to either think or write. Going by how much I’ve been writing lately (and how busy I’ve been with works at seemingly all hours), this might be a very, very long month.

Ah. I finished my coffee. I haven’t had yummy caffeine in a few days—the last two have been bad with the headaches and things, and I always find it wasteful to drink caffeine when I can’t take complete advantage of its boosts of energy. Hopefully the headaches are behind me. I had hopes of a P.H.D. today, but, alas, as is happening too frequently, it was only a slightly less painful day.

I have continued my running regime, dragging the Doolies with me on a number of loops around the park, where she ranged, on the complaining scale, from an amazing 2 (where 10 is, get her away from me before I throttle her) to a disappointing 8. Once I get her here forever, I’ll see to it she settles into a 1 (and possible 3 during the more painful times of her month). My only concern is that she was showing bursts of speed and endurance that might if continued lead to her outrunning, pacing, or outright destroying me on the field. That is clearly unacceptable. I am already planning to compensate, trying to figure on a way to tie her shoelaces together without her knowing it to hobble her rabbit-like speed.