Cellphone Crack

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Today was a work at home day. I got a surprising amount of work done, thanks to an early infusion of yummy caffeine. I can’t say enough how much of a wonder drug it is. (And I do go on about it!)

After work, I managed to write the first 400 words of the ping-pong story Chuck served. It’s a slow start to what may be a shorter-than-usual story. I won’t make any judgments yet. I’m glad to put words on screen so I have a little momentum. From what he tells me, he’s not doing much better. That shouldn’t make me feel good, but by now you’ve probably realized how evil I am, and how something like that would keep me toasty on the insides. Speaking of warmth, the cold finally broke in Seattle. It’s now warm, dark, and rainy. Just like it’s supposed to be in wintertime in the Northwest.

I received my new smarter-than-me phone today. It was why I spent the day at home. Since Doolies is in Taiwan, I couldn’t risk missing the UPS guy. He arrived at around 6pm, so there was a small chance I could have gone into work and made it home in time for the delivery. My meetings today were all teleconferences, so the only thing I missed was the gym. My gym goings is still rather sporadic as I average about one to one and a half days a week. The gym has been triggering day-after headaches for a few months. I’m still trying to figure out why. My working theory is that I’m not doing enough cardio, and I pay for pushing myself with the weights with a day-after migraine. I could experiment by doing more cardio, but I’m a lazy, lazy man. I’ll just suffer in silence and continue to look for excuses not to go to the gym.

The phone is smaller and better than I thought it would be. I’m such a gadget freak. I get all shivery and my mind begins to focus solely on the delivery until the toy is in my grubby little hands. Today wasn’t as bad as when I decide to buy a new video game and drive around frantically trying to purchase it and make it home to play it. But I did look out my window for the brown truck at least a hundred times. I’m like a dog just out of reach of a bone, if you excuse my unimaginative analogy. But it’s here. Now I have to try not to drop it for at least a week. I’m on a phone-a-year plan. That’s a David plan, not an annoying mobile carrier plan (I had to order from the UK to get around their two-year contracts).

I did more doodling today. Except for slight pains in my wrists, I’m enjoying the drawings. I stored a few away for days where I don’t feeling like hitting the tablet. I’ll dole them out slowly. Like crack . . . for the children. Not that anyone (except the Doolies) cares. It just makes me feel better to talk about it.