Complaints reaching dangerous levels

Sunday, July 8, 2007
Complaints reaching dangerous levelsdoodle

My mother called me after this was posted. It went up after our wedding, and my mother was very concerned about the newlyweds. I assured her that I drew this much earlier in the year, and it had nothing to do with our relationship. (This was posted before my fancy new website, with Create and Post dates, and squiggly lines on the bottom.)

Doolies and I used to jog in Seward Park. This was in our starry-eyed living-in-sin stage. We would jog around the park, and I would listen to Doolies complain: pain in her side, trouble breathing, heart rate too fast, unbearably itchy legs (I can't make this up!). After a while, I began keeping a complaint meter. The more she complained, the higher the levels. From the looks of the smoke coming from our sneakers, you can imagine the level of complaints.