"And where have you been?"

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

This is a really ugly doodle. The foreground is fine, but the background: it's like I wanted my new house to look ugly. It's been sitting at the front of my queue. I kept promising myself that I would edit it and improve the house. I've decided that will never happen, and while I thought briefly of deleting it, I did like the blue guy and his coffee. And did you see the title? How perfect is that for the events of the last days.

I've been in a bad mood these last few days. Doolies blamed is on my MySQL server going kaploey. That was definitely part of it. Now that it's back up--and in plenty of time for the start of the Marathon this Saturday--my mood will hopefully improve.

The real reasons for my bad mood haven't changed, but my perspective may have moved slightly for the better.

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