Bad news for my dedicated reader(s)

Friday, January 12, 2007

I spent today working on that illustrious Jewish essay I promised a while ago. I did add large chunks to it, but I don’t want to raise your hopes too much. I’ll post it when it’s smooth and ready for consumption. Right now it’s bumpy and a bit wider than it is long, and very hard to chew. (I won’t pain you with more of that analogy.)

Doolies is off to the airport in a few hours for another two-week visit to Taiwan. She’s continuing her delayed dreams with what may be a big step into China.

I’m always sad when she leaves. I turn angry and depressed and attempt my passive-aggressive telepathy on her (something I learned from my mom). I know this is something that Doolies really wants, and I do want to support her. It’s just hard for me to be away from her for even a couple of weeks. In the end, I do kiss her goodbye and I’m glad for her. It’s a tearful scene in the airport, but we remind each other that it’s only a couple of weeks. There will be plenty more weeks when she returns.

And, besides, it’s good for relationships to be apart occasionally. Part of the reason there’s such a high divorce rate is because people spend too much time with their spouses. Get out of the house and do something by yourself! (And that doesn’t mean hit the bars every night, Homer.)

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