"Before I answer I have to show you silence"

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ah, another perfectly titled doodle. I really want to take credit for these, but I drew this in July. I must have known I would be approaching the end of the Marathon without having posted a word for anyone to read. Trust me. It's better that way.

I should finish the writing today. I can't say I finished the story, or that a story ever even formed. I'm beginning to think these Novembers are nothing but an exercise in finger fatigue. But I persevere and hope that one day I'll find something of value in the mountain of words.

Today's doodle is another in a line of religion/philosophy doodles. The idea was simple: Judaism (and many other religions) were created/discovered by people with an incredible amount of time on their hands. They did not have much to do (from what I understand, sheepherders stand around a lot) or many people to talk to. So they spent their time contemplating their navels. It's amazing what you can discover by looking at your belly button. I figured that was step one in religious discovery. I'm still searching for my navel and hoping to find the silence that will lead me to answers.

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