Casting the horribles

Friday, February 9, 2007

Chuck has poo-poo’d my plan to name my doodles “Cast of Horribles.” He doesn’t think they’re horrible enough. He does have a point. The thing is, I reserved and paid for the URL almost a year ago, and I hoped to get some use out of it. I guess that’s not a very good reason to name something. It’s like saying: we already labeled his underwear, what’s wrong with naming the kid “Hanes”?

I do like the “cast of” part. I just need to fill in the blank: Cast of Ordinaries, Cast of Little Guys, The Little Guys, or Big-Eyed Depressed Question Marks (BEDQM). There we go: BEDQM, as in It’s available if not very good. Little Guys Inc. (taken, weird). Ah, it’ll take more thinking and doodling to get a decent name for the Little Guys. I guess it’s better that I not name them too soon: there’s a tradition of not naming babies until their parents were sure they would survive. I guess the same will go for the Little Guys. Until we know they’ll be around for a while, let’s keep them unnamed and unloved, a footnote on, also known as the least read website in the universe.

I’m not sure where that negativity came from. I guess I was hoping for something bigger today. I’m falling into a five-hundred-word rut lately. It’s 7:47pm, as in the airplane, as in where my mind isn’t today. Doolies is washing the Shabbos dinner dishes and practicing singing for her concert at the end of the month. Since she’s singing in Chinese, it’s not distracting—except when she hits the high notes. I worry for the windows in the Castle.

I keep glancing down into the corner, watching the number grow. You’re reading rock bottom. Enjoy it while it lasts. The only place to go from here is up. I’ll get on that right away. As in tomorrow.

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