Dark tables don't tell tales

Monday, June 4, 2007
Dark tables don't tell tales

Ah, our new dining room table. Doolies picked it out without any guidance from me. The first table we chose was from a Vietnamese furniture store. We negotiated the price down to a reasonable price, and were left negotiating only the delivery fee. When she wouldn't budge on the seventy-five bucks, I used the slow walk out to try to push her to see our point of view. She waved as the door hit us on the way out.

I think walking out only works in movies.

As to the dark table, after drawing the chair, I grew tired. I figured if I made everything dark, I wouldn't have to draw the other chairs or most of the table. I was right. Don't tell anyone, though. It's all about artistic effect. Or is that affect in this case?

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