Don't ask questions

Tuesday, June 10, 2008
Don't ask questions

Today is the last terrible Horrible for some time. I promise. While I considered not posting it because of its awfulness, the rain in the doodle convinced me otherwise.

It's been raining here too much lately, and while I'm still not sure what that beast behind the Little Guy represents, it does sort of convey how we feel about this strange weather. We're willing to take NYC's heat wave over this mix of cold and rain. Thankfully, it's forecasted to clear up on Wednesday and return to the sunny and 60-70s we expect for this time of year. (That's not completely true: we expect rain, just not so much of it or with such cold temperatures. The joke is summer doesn't start until July 5.)

I felt a slight cold coming on this morning. I'm either empathizing with Doolies, who is still recovering, or catching her cold. It seems to have passed for now.

Work has been busy, which is a very good thing. My mother is visiting this weekend, and we're hoping to explore new places. (Unlike last time, where we forced her to sit around and stare into space.) This will be her first visit to the Villa.

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