Don't mention the wolves

Monday, December 28, 2009
Don't mention the wolves

We watched Avatar on Christmas Eve after we participated in the rest of a traditional Jewish Christmas by eating at a (vegetarian) Chinese restaurant. I ended up getting sick probably from a cold virus mixed with the 3D effects and a very nasty Avocado milkshake. Thinking about Chinese food now makes me nauseous, which is hard on the Doolies.

Avatar is a beautifully rendered movie. I wish I could say the same for its characters and story. There will one day be a movie about a benevolent corporation that is trying to save the Earth from runaway Nature and the do-gooders who try to protect her by deifying her. Oh and there will be military people who are, like, real people who don’t want to fight just because they can, but actually care about their soldiers and civilians. And there won’t be any giant robots in this movie. Or flying blue people.

Otherwise the weekend was nice and long. We finally took the dogs out of the house thanks to the sun and mild temperature.

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