Drama requires dark times

Sunday, March 22, 2009
Drama requires dark times

Skipping around a bit for the Gears of War 2 Horrible. Steven, Doolies, and I finally beat the Horde mode on level 50 last night. We had to lower the difficulty to Casual to do so, but we've now completed the game and received the Achievement. It was quite an achievement. It took strong strategy and lots of patience. Not to mention some chainsawing.

I checked, and I don't feel much more violent this morning. I think it takes a while for violent video games to reorganize the brains.

There's a 5k/10k/half marathon going on outside my window this morning. I caught the tail end of the walkers when I woke up. There's now just orange cones to prove it happened. Those will be gone in a few hours as well. So much for healthy Seattle.

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