Forcing myself to write

Monday, March 14, 2005

I’m doing it again. I’m drinking coffee early on a school night hoping not to pay yesterday’s price. Last night, I slept fitfully, not falling asleep until around five in the morning. I took catnaps from five until I woke at eight. I’m not sure what to blame. I have so many targets: yummy caffeine, television (mmm…how do I live without television?), beautiful view from the hotel room, time difference, general desire not to attend class (it was worse than I expected).

An apology: When I wrote yesterday’s tidbit, I intended it to end where it ended. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but writing longer stories with plot circles is outside my talent. I did spend time debating how to end it. While the “ending” is ambiguous, it does offer a bit of hope (not the hook that Chuck hoped for).

The caffeine fights my fatigue and loses. I need more sleep. I plan an early dinner and normal (for east coast) sleep.

Enough of this babbling, let’s see where my story instincts fail me today. It didn’t take me as far as I had hoped. I might continue this story—when I find energy and can figure out where to take it. I had hoped to hit 2k words today, but even counting last night’s incoherent babbles, I’m not breaking 1k. I’ll accept failure today.

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