Frozen dog bowls

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Cold day. The dog’s water bowl was frozen over again. I emptied it this morning and by evening it was caked in ice. This doesn’t usually happen in the Northwest.

We went to class today and I sparred with Doolies. It’s been awhile since I sparred against her in more than a pre-arranged practice round. My stair-walking fitness program is not as effective as my augmented bicycling program. I may need to adjust it so I’m less tired during the practices.

Tiger felt better today. By morning her fever was gone. Along with the fever she was congested last night. That also disappeared in the morning. Dinosaur was his usual self. Last night was trying. Doolies got me up at 3:30am to take over after she barely slept. I don’t remember sleeping much as he had reflux much of the night. They both managed a short nap in the morning after Tiger woke.

We returned from a Chiense restaurant. After class dinners are always yummy. I was ravenous after a bit of exercise. I also made a reservation at a fancy French restaurant for Wednesday night, when my mother is around to watch Dinosaur and to make sure our house doesn’t burn down while Tiger is sleeping. We haven’t gone out on a date night in a long time. It’ll be nice to get out of the house without the kids for an overly long (and expensive) dinner. Not looking forward to Thursday morning, however. I usually have early meetings on Thursdays, and that may be difficult.

My brain shut down along with the computer for a forced update. I’d complain but I had spent the five minutes staring at the cursor and thinking about everything that happened or I thought of during the day to find a topic to opine on. I wasn’t successful.

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