I become lost in my projects

Sunday, December 30, 2007
I become lost in my projects

This is a fitting doodle. I have been working hard trying to finish NAIS, my New-And-Improved-Sewcrates.com project. I'm in the final stages, and I'm hopefully I'll post a nearly final version on Tuesday, the first of January.

To accomplish this, I locked myself in my little computer room for longer than I care to admit. This is not uncommon. These website projects tend to overwhelm me. I lose all sense of time until I finish.

Here's where I knew I approached bottom: as part of the new design, I'm resizing all of the thumbnails and photographs to enlarge them for today's bigger monitors. Because of server limitations, I have to manually generate each photo album (as opposed to creating a batch project that does all of them overnight). It takes anywhere from two to ten minutes to create the album on the server. Even though it was not important that I finish today, I found myself unable to stop. I would tell myself, last one. I can continue tomorrow. But instead of getting up, I would decide to wait a few minutes longer until it finished. Then I would click generate on the next one, and tell myself just one more. You have no idea how addictive generating photo albums is for me.

It's similar to the MMORPG video games I play. While large parts of those games are not fun, I continue to chase the carrot at the end of the stick. No matter how often the carrot moves, I just tell myself just one more.

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