I can't believe how quickly he's taken over

Monday, July 23, 2007
I can't believe how quickly he's taken over

We brought Ziggy home yesterday. This was my first attempt to bring him into the Horribles gang. Actually, this was my second attempt. Doolies made fun of my first attempt and I decided to start over. I plan on simplifying him a bit in the coming days. He's a bit complicated to be with the others.

I wanted to post this yesterday, but the rain doodle already went live. We didn't bring Ziggy home until after 6pm. We went to the pet store to buy a fish tank for Doolies's office. As Jerry, the petstore guy, was helping us get things together, I saw this skinny little dog in a pen. You know how they say dogs look like their owners? Yeah, he does. I'm not as cute, but I'm as skinny, and needy, and shivery, and ill-mannered. Well, maybe not the last one.

We left the store but kept talking about Ziggy. We finished setting up the fish tank in Doolies's office at around 5:30pm. We decided to head back to the pet store for more information about him. As we drove and missed light after light, I was sure we would not make it before it closed at 6pm. As ever, I'm an impulsive buyer. Once I said I wanted him, more information would not be enough. Sure enough, we pull up at 5:54pm, and they're still open, and still willing to put together the puppy pack with Ziggy at its center.

After a night of constant Ziggy whining, I woke up ready to send Ziggy back to the pet store. I figured the amount we paid would be my Stupid Tax (stolen from "Fight Club"). After speaking to a few people today, we learned that whining is normal for a puppy first few days in a new house. While he's no longer dead-dog walking, I'm watching him closely. Very closely.

Doolies thought a dog would be good training for monsters. After not sleeping much last night, I'm not sure I ever want monsters. I like sleep too much. We may have to stay with fish.

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