I know all about me

Thursday, December 31, 2009
I know all about me

. . . and it's not good. Not good at all.

It's New Year's Eve tonight. You all know what that means!

This vacation is getting a bit long in the tooth. We're ready to get back to our regularly scheduled routine. It feels like more than a month since we picked up our Naginatas or had a full day's worth of work to finish or played video games with Steven (not that I haven't been keeping myself occupied with Modern Warfare 2).

I suspect few of you are interested in knowing how my year went. I don't blame you. Instead I'll provide you statistics for my posting:

  • 30 text posts (22 of which were for the Marathon)
  • 25 photo albums
  • 1,715 photos in the albums (okay, so we're not good at culling photos)
  • 210 Horribles doodled this year
  • 210 Horribles posted this year (not sure how that worked out so perfectly)
  • 75 Horribles left unposted in my queue
  • 1 story written (if we're generous and count my Marathon offering as a story)

What do we learn from these statistics? I spend lots of time doodling, and not enough time writing. But I already knew that.

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