I wanted something real but he wouldn't let me make it

Monday, May 17, 2010
I wanted something real but he wouldn't let me make it

A relatively nice weekend spoiled by a maelstrom of a headache on Saturday caused by a major weather change, not helped by getting hit on the head at Naginata, lengthened by Doolies's wonderful choir concert (during which I couldn't stop pathological yawning, which was caused by my headache not the music), and exasperated by either too much sleep or not enough sleep. You choose.

But there's another weekend in a few days, and I'll get another go at doing it right. Hopefully this one will be better.

We did go out in the rain yesterday with the dogs. The park emptied with the first drops, and the iggies were given free run of their favorite area by the water. Even the Buttons, who we usually find hiding under our legs, sprinted across the grass chasing after crazy Ziggy.

My Horribles queue keeps growing. That's a good thing since it keeps my anxiety at bay. Not sure why disappointing my three readers should raise my anxiety levels. It has something to do with the wiring (or mis-wiring) in my brains. Now if I can translate some of those wires into creative words as well as scribbles, I may start getting on to something.

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