I'll always be there, in your memories

Tuesday, October 7, 2008
I'll always be there, in your memories

Tsubasa is an anime series that started strong, sputtered out, and was unceremoniously cut before finished. It's been a while since we watched it, and most of the details have escaped me. I like these breaks before posting: the good stuff will always remain wedged in my brain (or worth a trip to Wikipedia). The ordinary stuff will leak out before I post. On the good side, the characters were distinctive enough for the doodle, especially the little animal/alien thing. We never did figure out what he was--although I remember what he did: he swallowed the other characters to teleport them to different dimensions. Yeah, animes are very weird.

It's cooled down in Seattle. We've had a bit of rain lately, and today it's clear and cool. Hopefully it'll remain clear so we can take the Iggies to the dog park this evening. They're going a bit stir crazy in the dog room hiding from the rain.

We've been playing a lot of Warhammer Online lately. Similar to most of these games, it is a bit of a time sink. Unlike other time sinks, we've enjoyed almost all of our play time. In some past time sinks, some of the play required grinding: doing boring activities to reach the next achievement. So far, we've avoided that in Warhammer. I've almost completed my attempt to addict Steven. When he plays once, his fall to the dark side will be complete. (Hopefully he won't read this until he does play.)

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