I'm losing it

Sunday, February 3, 2008
I'm losing it

This suffering doodle was apt for yesterday when my normal Saturday blues returned. I didn't suffer while away in Kauai, but as usual, I woke up with a storming headache, which got worse throughout the day. I know I promised to keep complaining to a minimum, but yesterday was miserable, and I feel like the universe owes me a do-over Saturday.

We saw a few houses today. We're looking to upgrade from the Castle. While we love the house and the view, having two dogs without a proper yard is a bit more complicated than we imagined. And since Doolies is working more on the east side, it's starting to make sense to improve both of our commutes. We're in no rush, and we might not find something for quite a while, but we are spending some of our Sundays at least looking.

Button and Ziggy are working out well. They've had a few stomach issues lately. My friend Shannon finally identified the cause: the two bacteria floras living in each dogs' stomach are intermixing as they spend more time together and mix saliva and share food. As it mixes, it causes stomach issues until arriving at a steady state. In Shannon's experience, this takes a few weeks. We were afraid they might have a stomach virus. His explanation sounds better. We will probably have to delay Button's spaying until the stomach issues pass. We're still happy (if a bit overwhelmed) to have two dogs.

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