"It approaches"

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I love these D&D tagged doodles. Little did I know that this doodle was the precursor to our Warhammer Online addiction. We are finally over that game, as it grew a bit repetitive at the end. Doolies still wants to play, but after trying out all the character classes, I'm satiated. The only thing left to do is choose our favorite characters and doodle them. I'll try to resist playing when we log in for the group photograph.

The cold weather has left Seattle, and we're now in the midst of warm, wet rainstorms. While the snow was nice for the first day, thanks to the terrible plowing and lack of salted streets (!), it grew tiresome quickly.

Work is busy after the holidays. It's a pleasant busy, kind of how you feel after a good meal, full but not overly so. I've been doodling a bunch but haven't seriously put pen to paper since the Marathon. I had high hopes. Now I barely have hopes in that direction. At least my Kindle is seeing lots of use.

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