It's not all scribbles

Thursday, November 13, 2008
It's not all scribbles

There we go! A break in the torrential rain allowed me to post this doodle. I saw sun this morning, and there will be sun this afternoon! I'm in such a better mood. I can't understand why.

The Marathon continues. Sorry I haven't been adding comments to the end of my writings (even though some people found them tortuous). It's been enough to get Goal at the end of each day. I've been rather exhausted with work and driving and writing. I slept in a bit last night and this morning, and I'm feeling better for it.

My doodle output has been terrible lately. I can blame the Marathon somewhat; the real cause is playing Warhammer again. It was a nice three days without that wonderful addiction. I'll get back to doodling after I finish. Until then, you'll have to enjoy my backlog.

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