It's out there

Tuesday, May 27, 2008
It's out there

Doodle-wise, this was a very productive three-day weekend. I spent much time hunched over my fancy tablet drawing doodles, and finishing other doodles I started but forgot about. I'm still not ready to return to the three postings a week yet, but if I continue at my current pace, I could be there in another week or so. (By saying that, of course, I've now jinxed myself to another slow period.)

Even though the forecasts were dire, the weather held rather well over the weekend. I posted a few photos we had sitting around, and a few albums we took over the long weekend.

I attempted to write on Sunday morning. I'll spare you the gory details, as I ended up with half a page of consternations, most of which concerned the fact that my dogs were running around my legs as I attempted to write in our backyard. Yeah, it was exceptionally engaging.

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