"Keep your head down, you're supposed to be empty"

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

This won't make much sense to most of you. This is a badly drawn doodle of the characters from our latest Anime addiction: Full Metal Alchemist.

It's a wonderful and long series that starts with two brothers who use the magic of Alchemy to bring back their mother after she dies. It doesn't work out as they hoped: Ed, the undersized, blonde haired older brother, which Doolies dresses up as, ends up losing his arm and a leg, and replaces them with Automail, a type of robotic limbs; and his younger brother, Al, who finds his soul attached to an empty suit of armor after he wakes from the spell.

The story is plot heavy, and each episode moves one of the many intertwining plots forward. There is very little filler, which is delightfully surprising for such a long series. We're very close to the last DVD, and were very thrilled by how good the series was. (We thought it would be another unfulfilling robot story.)

The actual doodle and tagline came to me while I was biking home after work. I had to pull over and write it down before I forgot it (I kept repeating it to myself, and since I'm a terrible multitasker, I was afraid I was going to crash).

To explain the joke for those who still don't get it: the armor is supposed to be empty because Ed is the armor. They dressed up as the characters and Doolies was reprimanding the Little Guy (that's me, for those who still haven't realized). Yes, I know, funny doesn't need explanations. It's a good thing I never claimed to be funny.

As I said yesterday, this will be my last doodle for this week. I'll be back on Sunday night.

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