Let the dismemberment commence

Sunday, October 14, 2007
Let the dismemberment commence

It works! I'm typing this on my new and improved computer. It only took me five trips to Fry's. I replaced: the power supply, the motherboard (twice!), and the DVD drive. Had I properly connected the power supply the first time, I probably would have needed only one motherboard, and no DVD drive. Live and learn, I guess. I can now build a computer from components. That's got to be worth something on the open market, right?

Speaking of markets, yummy whole chicken in today's doodle. We cook chickens, ducks, and cornish hens about once a week (that's a bird a week, not all three in a week). They're very yummy and make delicious chicken salad. These doodles are almost like Chuck's food writing but without the yummy photographs or detailed descriptions.

We had amazing weather this weekend. Freezing cold at night, and wonderful during the day. We just returned from the dog park with Ziggy. We have dinner reservations tonight (we went out last night as well). We're rebels these days, I tell you.

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