Life is the pursuit of random numbers

Thursday, September 18, 2008
Life is the pursuit of random numbers

Returning to our regularly scheduled program. It's amazing how much of life's obstacles are seemingly random. Life is like D&D only you don't know what you rolled until long after you threw the dice.

Steven and I continued our slow drudgery through Too Human during last evening's video game night. It has a D&D-esque character building and loot collecting substory. The rest of the game is rather blah.

Today is the company meeting. I'm wearing my corporate-love t-shirt. They give us free shirts to show our loyalty to our particular group. I'm wearing a jacket for two reasons: (1) I hate advertising on my chest, and (2) it's usually very cold in the baseball stadium where they hold the meeting. This morning is overcast but warm. This might be my first meeting where I'm not slowly freezing to the bone.

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