Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I'm a little behind on these Horribles. This was drawn in the autumn, which ended quite early in Seattle. We had our first snow in November.

Button went in for spaying this morning. Hopefully she will heal as quickly as Ziggy: he was up and running a few hours after his neutering. Their stomach problems seem to have passed, and except for an increase in Ziggy marking, we are getting into a good routine. Update: Button is out of surgery and in recovery. Doolies will pick her up around 3pm today.

I'm halfway through uploading all the Hawaii photos. I still haven't figured out where to link them as I don't want six or so albums cluttering the photo's index page.

I did come up with a topic for the first ping-pong serve. I thought of it as I fell asleep yesterday, and managed to jot it down. I remember part of it, but I won't send it along to Chuck until I review the paper tonight.

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