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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Taking my own suggestion, it is lunchtime and I’m sitting in front of a blank screen.

Tiger’s school called today. Another child accidentally bumped into her and she hit her head on something. The teacher applied ice and she seems fine, but they e-mailed to let us know. We’ll see the formal incident report later. Poor Tiger.

Dinosaur did not sleep well last night. He woke up screaming at around midnight, and cried again at 4am. Doolies went to him both times, fed him a bit, and he fell back to sleep. His magic may be wearing off. Or it could be our door wasn’t closed firmly enough. Poor Dinosaur.

It’s raining something fierce out there. It’s not that bad. I wanted to type “something fierce.” It’s more of a misty rain with moments of torrents, which happen mostly when I walk between buildings. For some reason, the newly built campus does not have covered walkways. It must have something to do with fire access.

My caffeine has not kicked in yet. I went for the purchased coffee instead of the free version. It is richer and thick like a hot chocolate. I took my caffeine in the form of a short Americano, with half of it poured out (I did that part myself to avoid funny looks from the quasi-baristas). I still try to control my caffeine intake. I’m up to one full cup in the morning usually at home either as an espresso or a drip, and one quarter to half a cup in the afternoon after lunch. The second cup gets me over the huge energy lull after lunch. The one I’m finding myself in right now.

I spent a few minutes of my precious writing time reading old story drafts. I have so many half started fragments. I was reading one about levitating yoga poses. I never did get to the good part in that story. The problem was I didn’t have a good part, only a build up to a good part. Such is my life. So many hobbies so little dedication. At least I have this now to pretend that I’m doing something.

Consternation alert. Wave off, wave off!

Okay, I’m smiling again. Therapy is working. Returning to better thoughts.

Did you know they have all the Cliff Notes online now? I remember they were evil from school. Not sure why it was evil. I guess because it was cheating. You read Cliff Notes instead of the book and you knew things. I also remember the English teachers always trying to put in questions on parts that the Cliff Notes did not cover. I am a good reader, and I think I read books in grade school. Although I don’t remember if that’s true. I didn’t realize an interest in English until much later.

Why was I looking at the Cliff Notes? I was trying to understand plot. I seem to miss that in my stories. At the time when something should happen, nothing ever does. Not that I plan to write stories anytime soon. Or maybe I do. It’s all so confusing.

I’m waiting for Doolies to finish reading to Tiger and get ready for Naginata. I started reading to Tiger, but before I made it past the first page, she realized that mommy should be reading, and started to cry until Doolies relieved me of my reading duties. Very the sad.

We’re back from Naginata. It was a good class. Lots of kata review. We ran out of time so no bogu practice. I enjoy bogu practice, but it’s nice not returning home all sweaty. Doolies is feeding Dinosaur and then it’s bath time and sleep time. I have early morning meetings the next couple of days. Hopefully Dinosaur cooperates with that.

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