Magical power always trumps your fashion sense

Wednesday, August 29, 2007
Magical power always trumps your fashion sense

I play many RPGs (that's Role Playing Games for the uninitiated) on the computer/xbox. These are games where you usually find yourself in a fantasy world where elves, magic, and bad Old English collide. I started playing a new one, Two Worlds, with Steven yesterday. From the little I played last night, it's a decent game with some bugs and lag issues. Since there's been a derth of RPGs that work over the inter-webs, Steven and I are not choosy about quality.

In these games, the goal is to create a character, and build him to be as powerful as possible. You do this but killing monsters for experience (which increases your level or power), and collecting magical items, such as armor, swords, and jewelry.

Many times you have to choose between two magical items: one is much more powerful but extremely ugly, and the other less powerful, but goes very well with the aesthetics of your character. (And here you thought video games never provided you real, meaningful choices!)

Because I'm a min-maxer, (i.e., someone who tries to create the most powerful character possible), I usually choose the ugly clothing or jewelry. Doolies, when she plays, is very fashion conscious, and will choose the pretty furry brown boots over the uglier red and green polka-dotted shoes. Steven, who is the ultimate min-maxer tends to look like the Little Guy.

We're planning to play again on Thursday. I can't wait. Now, if only Doolies shared my enthusiasm. While she usually joins us in this types of games (she particularly likes the pretty elves), because of technical limitations, only one of us can play with Steven at the same time.

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