On hiatus

Friday, November 16, 2007
On hiatus
It has begun. You might see this Horrible for quite a while. Watch sewcrates.com to see how things are going.Update: I figured I'd take a few moments to report back on how things are going. I'm a bit more than halfway through the horror show. I have only drawn one Horrible during November, so I decided not to dip into my backup store until I finish.

I'm looking at this break in a positive way: I was floundering a bit in my newer doodles looking for topics. I would draw the little guy and then stare at it for long periods, not sure what situation I should put him in. It turns out, except for my movie/anime drawings, I rarely put my horribles in "situations"--which is similar to my storytelling where I don't actually tell a story.

That's enough consternating. When I do return to full form, I promised myself I would not do this as much. I need to be more positive. Move forward, make the world a better place, cure cancer, you know, be good.

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