Once you throw it, there's nothing you can do

Sunday, August 5, 2007
Once you throw it, there's nothing you can do

This was drawn after a bowling morale event at work. Yes, this is how they attempt to brainwash us. Bring us to the bowling alley and ply us with fried food and alcohol.

I bowled surprisingly well that day. I was never a good bowler. Like swimming, I believe you need a bit of muscle or fat on your body to throw the ball down the alley and hit pins. Luckily, I've put a few more pounds of muscle (or is it fat) on my body since last I threw the ball. The muscle is slowly melting away, as I cancelled my trainer, but for the bowling trip, I was in strong form.

I went with a strategy that seemed to work out exceptionally well. You know how when you throw the first few balls, you hit a lot of pins. This is known as beginner's luck. It's my theory that people squander beginner's luck on the warm-up frames. I didn't throw any warm up, so my beginner's luck was available for the actual game, where the scores counted.

We won all three games. I was amazing. Then I had to go back to work where I wasn't so amazing.

We went to the lake today to watch the Blue Angels fly overhead. They were tremendous as always. What's difficult to imagine as they perform their acrobatics is that usually, these types of airplanes are flying over countries armed with missiles that kill people. Lots of people. I'm not a pacificist by any stretch, but it does put the Navy's recruiting in a interesting light. We should enjoy the amazing acrobatics and speed, but know that there are some people where the sound of that jet screaming by is a sign of bad, bad things.

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