Rainy nights

Tuesday, March 25, 2008
Rainy nights

Even though we're less than a week away from closing on the Villa, we've not been that busy. Doolies has just about finished scheduling all the contractors that will swarm the Villa once closed, and we've sent about a thousand copies of our financial documents to the banks (we remember fondly the non-doc loans that got America into this mortgage mess). But even though we're not busy, things are not quiet. The anticipation itself has a weighty roar.

As you can tell by my badly formed first paragraph, I haven't done much writing or creating recently. Even my doodles have dwindled from once a week to when there's a blue moon in Seattle when it's above freezing (which seems quite rare for early Spring). I keep kicking myself about falling into a rut, but kicking myself and doing something about it are very far apart.

Not that I should complain. There are other people who are supposed to be working on a ping-pong story, and who, while understandably busy with a new job and new apartment, have yet to provide a single update or progress report, other than, "wow, I'm really stuck on this."

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