Rolling, rolling

Monday, March 25, 2013

It’s been a few day since I had time to jot a few words down. Family is fine, house still stands, and the weather is turning to spring.

Instead of writing, I spent last night cooking our Passover dinner. It’s nice to have large plates and pots of food sitting in the refrigerator (the Tiger used the word “refrigerator” this morning. The full word with all the syllables. I was colored impressed). We’re even having a surprise guest in the form of the Doolies’s sister.

I may start cooking Sunday nights for the week to avoid the stress of trying to prepare dinner before the Tiger’s bedtime. I have to remember to shut the bedroom door during these cooking adventures, however. Our room and my coat smelled of Pot Roast and Chicken Soup. Not a bad smell but distracting when sleep is not going well.

The Dinosaur did not sleep well last night. Which meant the Doolies didn’t sleep well, and while I slept a bit better than the Doolies, it was not ideal. Hopefully he’ll return to his usual magical-self tonight.

We finished our truncated Passover Seder. The food was decent but I forgot to cook the potatoes or vegetables. In my rush to put everything on the table and start the Seder, I was side dish free. The pot roast turned out okay. I don’t know what happened, but the last few times I hats tasted stringy and not salty enough.

The chicken soup was better. It was more of a clear broth than a soup but it was a tasty clear soup. I’ll add vegetables and more chicken for tomorrow night’s dinner. The Matzos balls were good since it’s difficult to mess them up. The canned gefilte fish, while not living up to my mother’s recipe, was edible. We finished the can after everyone was still hungry at the end of dinner.

My new and improved website is almost ready for unveiling. Trust me, you will be underwhelmed. I had thoughts of posting it today but decided to hold off for another few days.

The Dinosaur rolled over today! We’ve not yet caught it on video but hope to do so before the weekend. He’s growing up so quickly. It feels like it has been four months! (Wait, it has been four months.)

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