She moved in so quickly

Thursday, July 3, 2008
She moved in so quickly

Ah, the Button! Here's the original photo. That grass is rather terrible. At least Button is cute. I haven't drawn the iggies in a long while.

Come to think of it, I haven't drawn anything in a while. Oh, yeah, now I remember why: I broke my computer again. I was trying to fix an issue I was having with Vista sleeping properly, and I attempted to flash the bios. This would have been fine if the WinFlash tool supported Vista 64-bit, which it didn't. I tried it anyway and it blue screened. This is not a good sign when flashing a bios. When I rebooted, the black screen stared at me. I had scrambled the bios and it would no longer POST. (The bios is rather important as it initializes the motherboard and devices and starts the boot process. Without it, no boot.)

I've done some research on Hot Flashing in which you swap the broken bios into a working machine and reflash it. Regretably, of the five or so computers at home, none of them have the same bios chip. One would think it would have been standardized by now. I plan to order a replacement bios from the internets today. Hopefully I'll be up and running sometime next week.

If you didn't notice (or read this thing through the fancy RSS feeder), my Little Guys are holding an umbrella this morning. It thunderstormed here this morning. During our bicycle commute last night, we also hit a short thunderstorm. I don't want to raise any undue alarms, but the sky may be falling, and the apocalypse can't be too far away.

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