Steeped in Books

Friday, October 16, 2009
Steeped in Books

This may be the last Horrible for a week or so, as we're heading to Taiwan on Sunday night. I cheated a bit and found a doodle that shows my plans for the week: lots and lots of book reading. I spent part of yesterday buying new books in preparation for our travels. I can't wait to read and write and doodle and not work.

I'm fighting off a cold that is threatening to ruin my book vacation. Hopefully my heavy clothes and intake of vitamin C will hold it at bay. I'd hate to get to Taipei and be turned away at the airport for fear of flu.

We have our Naginata seminar and test this weekend. We should be good and exhausted by the time we board the plane on Sunday night (technically Monday morning).

I plan to have diary entries for our travels posted here. We all know how my plans usually go.

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