The Sizing Problem

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

While telling my co-workers about the ring I bought for Doolies, and that I had to take it away from her to have it resized, one of them asked why I didn’t borrow one of her rings and use it to size her wedding finger. Before I had a chance to answer (the answer is two-fold: Doolies doesn’t wear rings, and, even if she had, it will take four to six weeks for them to remake the ring, which would have ruined my NYC engagement plans), another co-worker stepped in with a good story.

He had a friend who was preparing to surprise his girlfriend with an engagement ring. To keep it a secret, he snuck into her room and stole one of her rings to have it sized. The jeweler thought the ring was small, but he explained that his girlfriend had very petite fingers, and the jeweler made the ring. When his friend presented the ring, she couldn’t get the ring past her first knuckle. It seems his friend had accidentally sized a toe ring. He ended up having to buy an entire new setting, as the jeweler couldn’t enlarge the toe-ring sized ring to ring-finger size. Doolies, aren’t you glad I waited? (Not that Doolies wears many toe rings, either.)

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