The Tube

Wednesday, August 4, 1999

Rats, roaches and sardines all squeezed in tight,

move to the right or they will push and fight.

Double circle of red slashed in the middle;

to travel underground you space out little.

Tourists all stand in a crowd, gaze and gasp,

watching as locals an chaps whisk on past.

The tracks begin to rattle and light is seen,

off in the distance is the train’s shrill keen.

Doors fly open, we push and run inside,

lunge for a seat before a change in tide.

The train begins to lurch, the scenery pass,

one stop then another as crowds start to mass;

The heat and your sweat slowly down it pours,

with a lovely odor wafting next door.

Transfer to green, red, purple, and to blue,

arrive at your station and get your due.

Ticket in machine, and then out it pops,

eyes on the wall or you’ll miss your stop.

Your trip is all done and your pounds are paid,

break for the sunlight and watch the parade.

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