The eye-level

Tuesday, May 13, 2008
The eye-level

As part of my flirtation with NEQID, Doolies and I purchased books to improve ourselves. I bought Perspective Made Easy. It's a short book that teaches how to illustrate with proper perspective. This was my first attempt. Notice the eye level, which is also the horizon line. It meets with the little guy's eyes, meaning that the viewer is at the same height as the little guy. Or something like that.

I skimmed through the book, but I've only attempted a few doodles with the teachings. I put it next to my computer again, and I'm hoping when inspiration fails, I'll open it up and try another lesson. Too many of my doodles have awkward and incorrect perspectives. It's why I usually have a horizon line and not much else in my world.

The week is off to a slow start. I attempted to write something yesterday, but never managed to polish the 200 words to something worth posting. So it goes.

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