The possibilities are frighteningly possible

Wednesday, October 28, 2009
The possibilities are frighteningly possible

We're back from our Taiwan trip (proof in the photos). Doolies spent most of her time working on her Dr. Julie thingy. I spent most of my time reading, eating, and waiting for Doolies to finish.

I almost made it through all the books I brought on the trip. I particularly enjoyed finishing John Adams by David McCullough. Spoiler alert: everyone dies. This was another wonderful biography of a how a man rises to a great occassion.

I didn't get much sleep last night. I made it into work this morning and after a bit of coffee and I'm ploughing my way through my e-mail backlog. I'll probably be here all day just reading mails.

In other news, Sunday starts the Marathon. I had hoped to use my vacation to plan my novel, create characters and plot, and generally get ready. Regrettably, outside of a quick post when we first arrived, I didn't manage much writing. I did scribble a bit in my notebook, and I do have a few ideas. We'll see what happens to those ideas come Sunday.

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