The world changes in a moment

Tuesday, December 4, 2007
The world changes in a moment

It took me awhile (three months to be exact), but I've arrived at this set of doodles. I drew this after speaking with my mother back in September. She was diagnosed with uterine cancer. She called me in the morning, while I was in the parking lot waiting for my vanpool ride. It was a shock. She had told us earlier that she was going in for tests after unexpected bleeding. I remember telling her that it was probably nothing. When she called, I had forgotten about the tests. That's the type of terrible son I am.

When caught early, uterine cancer is highly treatable. Luckily, my mother was very conscientious and went immediately to the doctor and followed their instuctions. She is doing very well now after a successful surgery.

This is the first of a handful of doodles I drew during this time. There was a lot of waiting in the hospital, and I spent much of this time in Illustrator. Doodling was calming and eased (at least for me) the passing hours while we waited.

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