There are only five possibilities

Tuesday, March 31, 2009
There are only five possibilities

Taking care of a 3-month old isn't too hard. When they cry, there's a limited number of reasons:

  1. Crying because her diaper is wet (commence changing)
  2. Crying because she's hungry (commence feeding)
  3. Crying because she's tired and she doesn't know how to put herself to sleep (commence rocking)
  4. Crying because she wants stimulation (commence carrying baby until arms fall off)
  5. Crying just because it's 3am (commence hiding under covers and hoping it stops)

Doolies reminded me of the one I missed: Crying because she needs to burp (commence burping)

Doolies pointed out that baby's usually don't tear when they cry. I never realized it but it's true at 3-months old. She went on (in her doctorly tone) to explain: After one month, the baby's tear glands are mature enough to have tears. Tears are usually a sign that they are very frustrated. If they are crying to communicate, then they won't have tears every time. Not tearing may also be the result of dehydration (not a problem with Angelina because she's a very good bottle drinker).

Update: This is my most edited entry. I posted three versions of the Horrible before I was satisfied, and edited the text four times. No more edits (I'm looking at you, the Doolies!).

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