"There's right and then there's what we decide"

Thursday, February 7, 2008

I sometimes have these disheartening meetings at work where I'm passionate about a position and then lose to the "we-say-so" brand of argument. When you're passionate about anything, you set yourself up for pains when your position does not prevail. This was one of those situations. (Sorry for being so cryptic--I do that too often on here.)

I really liked the pointed-headed purple guy. I have hopes that he'll become a recurring character representing all that's unknowledgeable and unfortunately powerful in the world. He's a Dilbert character at heart.

It's been a couple of days since Button's surgery, and she's on the mend. Doolies is still worried about how her stitches will heal, but there's only so much inactivity these dogs can handle before going crazy. Right now, they're probably running around the couch biting each other in a wrestling match. Good for them! (That is, until all Button's stitches pop out and she has to wear that silly collar cone for fourteen days.)

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