There's something I have to show you

Tuesday, January 13, 2009
There's something I have to show you

It's the return of Super Little Guy and his wife. And before you ask: I have no idea what I planned to show her. I just wanted to go for a little flight.

Yesterday was a rather blah day. There was a get together of graduate school alums in downtown Seattle, and when I returned home, I was in a dark mood. I'm not sure if it was lack of food or too much socialization, but it continued throughout the night. Doolies convinced me to play Warhammer again a few days ago, and even Warhammer's nestled embrace wasn't enough to shake the mood. It made it worse.

Today dawned better. Hopefully it'll last the day. I have a pile of work waiting for me, and I'm looking forward to starting.

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