Things I never should have done but did anyway

Thursday, February 21, 2008
Things I never should have done but did anyway

This was one of the few doodles I did during the Marathon. When I wrote the title, I was thinking of unraveling the colored string. Looking back it was clear I was thinking about participating in the Marathon with few ideas and no direction.

The weather has taken a turn for the better in Seattle, and Doolies and I have spent lots of time in the dog park trying to elevate our vitamin D levels.

Our xbox died the dreaded RROD (red ring of death) on Monday, and soon it'll be in transit to Microsoft for fixing. We've made do with my Mac as a DVD player for now. I will likely invest in a second xbox over the next few days. This isn't (only) because I want to play Kingdom of Fire with Steven next week--we also planned to purchase a second xbox so Doolies can join in on the fun (once my original xbox makes its triumphant return) for co-op games that only support one player per console.

Work is starting to get busier, which is a good thing. Doolies's practice continues to grow, which is a very good thing. I plan to work on her website this weekend. We're scheduled to look at a few houses on the market this weekend. We haven't seen anything too interesting yet, but we're keeping our eyeballs open. We also invested in tennis equipment. We're hoping the weather holds this weekend and we make it on the court. It's always fun to beat the Doolies.

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