"This is what I call self cleaning"

Monday, March 9, 2009

My mother visited this weekend. Besides our fun-filled activities, my mother volunteered to clean our oven.

When we use our oven, it fills the kitchen with smoke. We've tried the self-cleaning function a few times, and it filled the house with poisonous smoke. Doolies hates poisonous smoke. I thought there was something wrong with the oven. I imagined that the chimney that sucks the smoke out of the kitchen was broken. I was surprised to learn that ovens are not designed like that.

My mother identified the problem: too much grease at the bottom of the oven. The self-cleaning function clearly does not work well anymore. She took it upon herself to clean it because she's the bestest. This is better than the alternative: call the oven repairman, and have him laugh at me when he identifies the problem: too much grease.

Zoom in on the drawing (click the picture!). I spent way too much time detailing the oven's dials and gauges. Man, I spend hours on these silly details that nobody ever sees. I guess it really is just for me.

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