Too many words left today

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

I based this teeny tiny story on the view I caught while walking home from the van’s meeting spot. Most days recently I have driven to the pickup spot instead of walking, which goes to show how lazy I’ve become. I used to enjoy the walk, and only partly because of the good weather. It’s not that I’ve stopped liking to walk; it’s more that I grew tired of the same walk. There’s only one realistic route to the van’s meeting spot, and after I’ve walked it a few hundred times, the houses and the scenery don’t excite me anymore. Well, most of the time, that is. And I won’t talk about the weather. Wait, I already did. It rains here often. And it’s been cold. And did I mention it even snowed last week.

I woke up early today to a thick cold fog. For reasons that I still can’t explain, I thought that once the fog lifted it would warm up. It stayed cool all day, but I’m glad I walked this morning. On the way home, I walk down a huge hill that overlooks the lake. (This means I walk up the same huge hill in the morning—my daily exercise, which leaves me huffing when I reach the top, a few hundred feet from the synagogue’s parking lot where we leave.) Most of my neighborhood overlooks the lake, but this view in particular on this particular day was spectacular. It was dark already and the moon hung low over the lake. The lights on the houses casted long reflections onto the lake. These reflections were swallowed up by the moon’s own reflection. The horizon behind the houses was slightly illuminated by the city lights. There was a feeling of pink in the lights and reflections. Ah. Who am I kidding? These words are not doing justice to the view. But they do eat into my word count, and that is also important.

This morning’s fog was spectacular when we crossed the floating bridge over the lake. It was sunny on the bridge, but I could see my neighborhood covered in the fog with only the tops of trees poking out. Mt. Rainer, which majestically stands at the edge of the lake, was crisp in the cold morning air. Half of her was covered by the clouds, which looked suspiciously like a too-too around her expanding waist.

I’m leaving for New York City in a couple of days to attend a continuing education class and to visit the family and friends. I’m looking forward to my trip even though I only recently managed to get over my jetlag from Taiwan. This will be a busy end of the year, as I finish up work projects, make a couple of trips to New York and one to Dallas.

This paragraph is going to push me over my goal. Chuck sent me some feedback earlier in the week. He thinks I’m torturing myself for no good reason through my pursuit of the Goal. Looking at last week’s writing, I would agree with him. This week I’ve been doing better. There are many more locked posts, which I believe is a good sign. And talking of signs, I think this will push me over the Goal. Nope, but this will. Yes, I know, I’m pathetic. So sue me.

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