Too tired

Sunday, January 13, 2008
Too tired

The weekend draws to a close. We had wonderful weather today: sunny and almost warm. We tried a new restaurant last night, and will head to our normal haunt tonight for dinner. We took Ziggy to an Iggy meetup, and Doolies tried out her new camera. The foster parents of Button, our possible second dog, stopped by today with Button for a home visit. Ziggy played well with Button--although she was a bit overwhelmed by his energy. We'll take over fostering her when we return from Hawaii in two weeks.

Other than that we didn't do much. I pretended to write Saturday morning, and spent too much time dreaming of video games (the ones I create, not the ones I play). I always get riled up and write pages of documentation and specifications, before realizing that my dream is just that. It's a lot of specialized work to write a game, and I'm a lazy man. I'll feel inspiration for a few hours, and then find myself staring at old Diablo screenshots and realizing that it took thirty 3D artists six months to draw and animate the little people and monsters that populate that world. How many hours do I have?

Perhaps it's good to dream. It gives me something to look forward to thinking about, even if I know I'll never do much more than think or install the odd compiler or gaming framework. Either way it gave me something to type tonight.

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