We bought him for sheer entertainment value

Tuesday, December 25, 2007
We bought him for sheer entertainment value

We brought Ziggy to a new dog park yesterday. We've been experimenting with different places to bring him on weekends. We were discussing it yesterday, and without Ziggy, we would spend much more time at home.

It snowed today. We had a few brief moments of grass sticking, but most of the snow melted on contact. Our four day weekend is just about over. Work this week should be slow, as most people take off the time between Christmas and New Years. While I don't usually like downtime at work, this will give me more time to work on NAIS.

I'm getting very close to sharing it with Chuck, which is the first step toward public release. There are a few more advanced administrator functions for the photos that are not yet done. I finished the basic layout, design, and back-end database and code. I'll have a few odds and ends to finish up once I post. The most important one is to combine the castofhorribles.com and NAIS databases, so I can avoid either double posting or migrating every time I post. (The current sewcrates.com just sucks the data off of castofhorribles.)

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