We've missed you

Thursday, November 29, 2007
We've missed you

I decided to post out of order again. The next Horrible in the queue is not one of my favorites, and it's taking me a while to move past it. It's not that it's terrible, but there's a (relatively boring) back story I want to write, and I haven't yet found the will.

So I decided to lead with this welcome back message that I drew a couple of days ago. I did miss posting new Horribles. I only managed to draw three or so doodles during the Marathon. I'm glad I waited, however. I couldn't stand not having a least a month's worth of backup doodles in the queue.

This fits in well with one of my goals in life: reduction of stress. Whether it's arriving at the airport three hours early or taking the vanpool to and from work to avoid driving in traffic, I do everything in my power to not put myself in situations that are stressful while in control. That last part is important: if I have some say over the situation, but my say is not sufficient to make a change, it creates much more stress than sitting by and watching something that I have no control over. For example, I'd rather sit in traffic in the passenger seat than drive in traffi, even thought by driving I still maintain a semblance of control. I'm not sure why I'm wired that way, but I am.

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