What if they don't like me?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008
What if they don't like me?

Happy Election Day! Yes, I think this should be a national holiday. I voted this morning at my local elementary school. When I was growing up in NYC, election day was at least a school holiday. Here I had to maneuver past small, snotty-nosed children to the library, where they set up the voting area. At least I got to read children's books while waiting for the one electronic voting machine. I opted to wait instead of fill out the written ballot to see how they translated written ballots to the screen. The machine is not bad. They just need another two or three of them.

This is my second attempt at a long-strip comic. I haven't tried again. One of these days I'll have a few thoughts that don't fit on a single panel. Before that can happen I need to have actual thoughts. I hate those darn things.

The regularly scheduled Marathon posting will be here later (hopefully).

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