Who's the real seeker?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009
Who's the real seeker?

We finished watching the first season of Legend of the Seeker. It was surprisingly enjoyable given that it is based on that terrible Terry Goodkind series. I read the first book and hated it: it reads more like an old-school adventure video game than a novel. You find a shiny purple sword. You see a monster. The monster can only be killed with shiny purple swords. You kill the monster! You see a magical key. Three rooms later there is a door. Only a magical key can open the door!

Okay, maybe it wasn't that bad. There were some elements of the magic and world in the television show that appeared to be taken from the book that were quite enjoyable. I might not have given the series a proper chance. Speaking of chances, I've been speed reading through a bunch of fantasy novels. I'm not sure what brought on my new addiction. I'm hoping it's my body's way of preparing for November.

It's another week. I wish it was a good week. I did manage lots of doodles. Sometimes my doodling reflects my mood. You'll find out the type of mood in a few months when these Horribles come around. At least we're having good weather. See? Always a silver lining of sorts.

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